Monday 30 July 2012


After some looking and asking around, I decided which airbrush to start with.

There are many models and many ways to provide the air for them. If you want a decent airbrush and compressor (I decided early on not to go for cans or airtanks), you're easily looking at 250 euro or more.

My local hobbyshop suggested Revell's airbrush starter kit (with compressor), for around 120 euro. (He has sold over 70 of them and not one complaint so far)
It may not be something for the real professional, but as a beginning airbrusher, this may very well suit my needs.

Unfortunately, they appear hard to get for the moment, but I can wait a little more. I'm still assembling old kits (up to the point where they need to be painted), watching Youtube-tutorials on modelling tips and techniques, and reading about 50+ old FSM issues (FineScale Modeler), which is one of the available magazines I really like.

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