Tuesday 17 July 2012

Renewing an old hobby

It's been 20 years since I started that first model, and somewhere around 10 years since I put the hobby on hold. Going to college, moving out to live on my own, getting a first job, ... these things tend to change your life and how you spend your free time.
My models were retired to several big boxes (with a lot of foam to protect them) and have been on several attics ever since.

I recently visited Normandy and several D-Day museums, and seeing all these diorama's with scale tanks and airplanes rekindled an old interest. I decided I wanted to build a scale model tank (I had previously only done airplanes and sci-fi models).

So, I dug up my old boxes to see what was left of gear (brushes, knives, paint, sanding paper, ...) and found out I had several unfinished or even untouched kits. (All my paint bottles had gone dry of course)

Status : Half painted. 
Probably paused because the paint job was not satisfactory (brush strokes, paint buildup in certain spots)

Status : almost finished, except for a lot of miniscule pieces and some broken ones.

Status : New
Underside of the saucer is badly damaged out-of-the-box. Seems like not enough plastic made it into the mold. (see more detailed pictures later)

Status : New
Reading the manual, it states where to use putty, so I probably postponed assembling this until I though I had the skill for it.

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