Friday 27 July 2012

Starting fresh

My old kits, while certainly pretty to my own eyes, will probably not win any awards. (I'll post pictures in a separate section later) I may not have been the most cautious or patient builder around, all painting was done with a brush and not always very neatly. I didn't do any finishing and certainly no weathering, to make it more realistic.

If I was to renew my hobby after 10 years, I was going to do things differently. So I started looking into airbrushes, techniques, different kinds of paint and started reading magazines. Thank god the times have changed so much and there is so much information to be found on Youtube. More than enough professional modellers are willing to make tutorials and show their techniques to the world.

Through my almost random browsing the internet, I discovered several new models that I simply HAD to have, so even before I had an airbrush to paint them with (or any paint for that matter) I have already ordered the following models from Moebius.

I will be reading the instructions closely and start googling reviews to find the best paint-schemes. I have to buy all new paint, so best to try and match the colours for the 4 models I'm going to build and not end up with 10 different shades of grey.

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