Friday 28 June 2013

Priming the Enterprise

If I'm totally honest, I have to admit I started to (try to) prime the Enterprise last week, but it ended up a 2 hour session of grumbling and moaning about the airbrush, so I decided not to post anymore whining about it.

Today, I tried again and - even though it was far from a smooth session - I can say priming has begun with the nacelles and the underside of the drive section.

Observant viewers may notice the leftmost nacelle not neatly painted. The white primer is very hard to get right. Too thick and nothing comes out of the airbrush. Too thin and the paint doesn't cover and is very runny. I'm unsure whether it's primer in general, white paint in general or just this batch that is difficult to get right.
Luckily, the paint quality is good and it dries relatively smooth. I just have to be careful not to paint too heavily and add another layer later rather than sooner.

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