Sunday 2 June 2013

Puma finished

The Puma is now finished, and unlike the Abrams (which still needs weathering) I truely consider it finished.
Even though the weathering isn't very heavy (no pigments, no battle damage) the "dirty look" looks very nice.

(Edit: It's a little too shiny, as multiple people have remarked, so I'll buy some matte varnish and add a layer. While we're at it, why don't we try some pigments too.)

Price : € 10
Number of parts : about 130
Time spent : 12 hours
Project completion time : 6 months

Paint : (Vallejo, unless otherwise noted)
  • Grey primer
  • Dark yellow
  • Tank green
  • Tank brown
  • White (interior)
  • Gunmetal grey (machine gun barrel)
  • Matt black (tires, driver seats, steering wheels, ...)
  • (LifeColor) Wood (shovels, axe, gunner seats, ...)
  • (LifeColor) Rust (exhaust)
Other :
  • Alclad II Semi-matt clear
  • Micro Sol and Set (for decals)
  • Tamiya panel line accent color (dark brown)
  • AK Interactive Dark mud wash

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