Friday 28 June 2013

M60 camouflage, round 1

I added a first layer of white paint to the spots that will have small white details on the camouflage pattern. There's no need to paint the entire tank, especially since white paint is difficult to get right anyway. I find it very hard to get a decent consistency in this paint.

The front looks okay.

The sides will need touching up.

While doing the upper hull, it was hard to get the paint right. You can see the result is spotty, or however you want to call it, especially at the back of the hull. It'll need a second coat to hopefully repair this. If it looks right after that, I'll let it dry 24 hours, add putty or Maskol on the places I want to be white in the end-result, then carry on with black, which should be a lot easier.

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