Sunday 24 November 2013


Yesterday, I went to a modelling convention for the first time in god knows how long :  Artevelde Challenge 2013. It was organised by IPMS Ghent, of which I am a member.

No self-respecting modeller will go to a convention without bringing something back (unless I'm misinformed). I needed some paint of course, and a new model (or several). Having recently spent a little more than intended, I mainly stuck to the second-hand tables, althought I did end up looking over every possible isle in the room(s). 
The encyclopedia of tanks is something to improve my poor knowledge of tanks, their history and evolution. I instantly liked the Panzerjägerwagen because it's something different and has a base (i.e. rail) to display it on, eliminating the need to build your own. The Ka-50 was supercheap, but has no decals. I bought it out of nostalgia because it is one of 2 kits that did not survive my last move and was crushed beyond recognition.

The M-48 bridgebuilder is the only "new" kit (even though it's a rebox of a 54 year old tool) and one of the earliest Revell kits (like my USS Missouri). I find myself drawn to these early models, even though they have more flash and often troublesome fits. 

Some models are BIG. I wonder how much paint goes into these.

If you thought the previous was big? Below a picture of a scratchbuild, fully working RC-tank.

A lot of interesting ways to display models.

And more fully scratchbuild stuff. (The creator is also a member, that's how I know).

More pictures on my facebook-album.


  1. Looks like a good day. You scored some interesting kits. :-)

  2. Hey i got that tank encyclopedia as well :)