Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Sprue Cutters Union 18: Inspiration

How do we decide what is the next kit that hits our workbench? Why take a particular kit out of the stash, or - worse - why buy a certain new kit, while there are still many in the stash?

- Where does the inspiration for your next build come from? -

I'm afraid my answer will be pretty simple (thus short) this week, as I'm a fairly "spur of the moment" kinda guy. Most of my decisions (life-, work- or hobby-related) are formed very "organic" (or maybe even totally random), without actively thinking about it. Ideas may come in the middle of the day, at work, at home watching tv or in the middle of the night. If I think about things too actively, I start worrying and second-guessing myself.

My inspiration for buying kits is purely random : browsing a store or convention and just seeing what pops. Or - as evidenced in yesterday's post - seeing a certain topic and falling in love with it. It happened with the Merkava (now in the stash) and it happened again with the Russian Zubr-class (or "Pomornik") hovercraft, which is unfortunately only available in 1/700 and not really inspiring.

As for deciding which kit to build next? With my multi-project attitude, I pretty much build whatever tends to draw my attention, or a sudden idea might make me rush upstairs, take the kit out of the closet and start building. I do try to keep it to a maximum of 6-7 projects at the same time.

Other Spruecutters may have a different approach. I'll post links to their posts as soon as they appear.


  1. OMG, 6 or 7 projects at a time?? That's crazy! But if you can do it, more power to you. Good post!

  2. I'm impressed, to manage a couple of builds at one time is a feat, to work on 6-7 that's a skill all of its own. I am the same for next build something will trigger my desire and then it's all in.
    Bummer about that hovercraft.

  3. "Project" may be a big word for some of these kits. I tend to lose focus and interest and move on to the next, then return after a few weeks or months. You guys make it sound like an actual skill, while it's more of a disability :-)

  4. 6 or 7 projects !!! Wow I'm impressed. I struggle with two. I wish I had the same free thought as you sometimes rather than plan then plan some more and maybe a few more plans before I start I kit lol. Great work dude