Tuesday 12 November 2013

Sprue Cutters Union 17: Go Big or Go Home

While browsing the web, a blog or a forum, we sometimes encounter truely magnificent pieces of modelling work. Things the maker spent the better part of a year (or more) finishing and perfecting.

- If you had the resources, would you attempt one HUGE project? -

Given my current resources - in regards to time able to spend behind the workbench - I would never consider a HUGE project. I already find myself struggling to keep my attention on ONE project, hence my current 6 or 7 "Works-In-Progress". I do not see myself spending even more time on just one single gigantic subject.

However, would this change if I really had the time, if I could easily spend 10+ hours a week at the workbench, without sacrificing work, family or my much-needed time-away-from-everything (even modelling)?
With that much time, I would be churning out at least 1 model per month. Quickly this would result in no longer being happy to just "finish" a model. I would be looking for that little something extra, probably a vignette for each model or something even bigger. I could see myself starting to feel the need to do something bigger, something awe-inspiring.

I don't really see myself getting (or taking) that much extra time, so the above is purely hypothetical. But, nothing is written in stone, so I'm keeping my options open ...

Would any of my fellow Spruecutters be tempted into such a project? Follow the links below :


  1. Oh so true about the time element. We all have so many other areas that take our time. I hope that maybe one day you do get the required time to do the mega build, till then we shall all enjoy our small builds.

  2. You are not alone with the whole 'multi-model build'. I have so many at the half finished stage I don't even want to admit to a number. And then there is the time factor. But, I decided rather than get discouraged to just let it be. When I'm in the mood to work on said car or spaceship then I'll take it out. Sometimes, I just feel like building rather than painting, and vise versa. At one I point I went this route: for one new build started, an old had to be finished. And there was the 1 build per month but it's easier said than done. For now though, as long as I get to break out the model glue every once in awhile, I'm happy.

    Happy Modelling!