Sunday 8 December 2013

Sprue Cutters Union 20: The Wish List

A very holiday-themed question this week. What do we want? Our spouses, family and friends probably know we'd appreciate something modelling-related, but what exactly DO we want?

- What are FOUR items on your wish list? -

It's difficult to expect someone to give me the perfect gift for the holidays, as I usually don't know myself what I want. The few times it's crystal clear that I want something, I usually get it myself, only realising afterwards it might have been a good idea for my wishlist.

1. Time

I would like more time to spend on my hobby. I make do with on average 1 session per week, sometimes pushing it to 3, sometimes skipping a few weeks. More time would give me plenty of opportunity to execute all the plans in my head, that for now just remain idle dreams.
Unfortunately, the only likely way I see this happening, is by winning the lottery and from then on only working 2 days a week. Until that happens, I'll settle for what I have and be content with what I can get.

2. Paint & supplies

A difficult gift to choose, as the kind of paint, varnish or tools I need changes very fast. If I need "Dark olive drab" now, I'm not going to put it on my wishlist for Christmas, as that would mean postponing work on that subject. The easiest way to circumvent that is by getting me a gift certificate.

3. A spraybooth

I'm still working without a spraybooth, even though I am convinced of it's value for airbrushing. The shop that had a good, decently priced one has closed and most I've seen so far are way too pricey.

4. A modern aircraft carrier with a LOT of detail

I have a moderate stash and am working on at least 5 simultaneous projects, so there's no chance of starting anything bigger than a foot that takes longer than a few months. If I ever get gift #1 though ...

You should take "simultaneous" with a grain of salt, as I just switch between projects as I see fit, generally just following my fancy. Once in a while this bothers me, and I finish 3 or 4 in rapid succession. ("rapid" also to be taken lightly)

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  1. Nice post Jeroen. I never considered wanting more time, but you're dead right. I think we could all do with more time, and it might be interesting to consider what we could do with it.

  2. Oh i agree 100% about the time, we can wish all we like for that one. I like the spray booth, beats workin in my garage and my wonderful plumes of mist that come with me as i walk back to the house....
    Great post.

  3. Time is a hot commodity. Doubt I'll get much more of that than I actually have now. The spray booth would also be nice.