Thursday 12 December 2013

Sprue Cutters Union 21: Where the Magic Happens

This week's assignment for the Spruecutters Union is to describe our workplace. We want to know who has a man-cave, a dedicated place for his modelling, or has to share the kitchen table.

- Show us your workbench! -

My workbench is usually a collection of many pieces of several different models. On the picture below are parts of the U.S.S. Enterprise (the Starship, not the aircraft carrier), a Ford Shelby, an M60, a Babylon 5 Starfury and there's many small pieces of the U.S.S. Missouri (the destroyer, not the starship). The rest of the bench is filled with boxes, tools, paint, building instructions and whatnot.

At one point, I promised to relinquish this desk back to my girlfriend, as it was supposed to be her study desk. Oops!
Now, I reside on the same table, but in the guestroom. It's reasonably tidy, containing the Starfury again, a 99% finished M60 and U.S.S. Missouri to the right. The cutting mat has around 40 wheels for the M48. Also proudly displaying my new paint rack for my Vallejo bottles.

I have a second workbench in the attic, used solely for airbrushing. You see my "paint booth" is just the lid of a cardboard box, to prevent overspray onto the rest of the desk. You see my new compressor to the right and the old one in the extreme bottom-right corner on the floor. More Vallejo bottles and various other stuff. A pile to my left holds all the painted parts left there to dry.
The boxes on the left side of the desk contain all my older models, which are not on display.

And if you think 2 workbenches is enough, you can see below the overflow of desk 1 onto the guestroom bed.


  1. Pretty nice space you got there! Good idea having a separate area for spraying.

  2. You certainly do like to work in a state of it certainly looks like a busy area.
    I'm with you in the spraying in a separate area.

  3. Hey man, you are indeed fortunate to have not one, but two workbenches! Though I have detected the beginnings of your plan to slowly take over the whole house...

    1. You're on to me. :-)
      I do regularly work at the dining table or in the living room, while watching NCIS or a movie.