Sunday 22 December 2013

Sprue Cutters Union 22: The Whole Kit 'n Kaboodle

For some, it may be a private matter. Others may flaunt it every opportunity they can. I'm sure there are modellers out there that don't even know how big it is ...

- I'll show you my stash if you show me yours... -

I'd call my stash very moderate, containing no more than 17 kits. Of course, I did collect these - together with at least 5 that I DID finish - in about one year, so maybe I'll need to revise my statement in a few years.

I actually have a page dedicated to my stash for a long time already, so feel free to go take a peek or use the button above, conveniently labelled "The stash". Below is a picture of them all together. Right now, they still fit in half a closet.

Don't even try to figure out what my favourite type of kit is, because I have vehicles, AFV, airplanes, Sci-Fi and I even started a Medieval castle recently.

If - like me - you are curious to see other modeller's stashes, you can follow the links below :

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  1. Now that is a very neatly laid out stash. Not a bad collection for a years work. Look forward to seeing some of these built.