Friday 14 February 2014

More boxes?

More boxes, I hear you say? This time it's an order from Conrad, a rather cheap webshop in Brussels. They have almost anything (bikes, tv's, tools, ...) and it's easy to qualify for free shipping.

What's in it? A soldering iron (15 or 30 Watt), a stand, a cleaning station and a length of soldering wire.

Yay, I can start soldering photo-etch this weekend! Right? No! I ordered soldering liquid and flux from yet another site ( - mainly books, but also various other items) and it hasn't arrived yet. Can't do much soldering without flux, so I'll have to hang on just a little longer.


  1. What's this solder photo etch technique? I can't find anything reliable about it. Sounds intriguing.

    1. Soldering is nothing new, but seeing it applied to photo-etch parts was an eye-opener. Not for attaching individual pieces to a plastic tank, of course, but attaching multiple parts to eachother.
      I have NO experience with it, but intend to write about it asap. You can start with a look at