Friday 28 February 2014

Panzerjäger - WIP

Some more progress on the Panzerjäger's turret, which is just a regular Panzer IV turret. The interior colour is a yellowy-creamy colour. Since I try to stick to Vallejo Model Air, I just had to guess what would be appropriate from the online colour chart, which is not really the best way to go about this. I had to choose between Yellow Lazure ("ivory") and broken-white, and went for the first option.
It arrived a few days ago, so off to the workbench we go.

Straight out of the bottle, it's a bit too yellow, so after half the parts were done I added an equal amount of white to tone it down. I ended up going over it again with a misted layer of white. The result is good enough.

The track piece is almost done. Weathering went on a bit too heavy, but a layer of varnish will dull it down a little. Time to assemble the whole piece. The crossbeam part (wood) fits underneath the trackbed (rock) and the rails slide into the metal thingies on every wooden beam. The fit is really tight, especialy with multiple layers of paint, so I wasn't surprised to be scraping off a lot of the metal paint off the rail again.

Once all the rails were in place, a few more pieces (to keep the rails together) are needed. Out come the trusty clamps.

Now all the turret pieces are painted, and slightly weathered by dry-brushing with "German grey", I can continue it's assembly. I seem to have forgotten to paint and place part B56, so it'll take a day longer to close it all up.

If you want to gun to move up and down, it's best to NOT place part B40. On the REAL tank, skipping this piece will result in the gun not elevating, but in the scale model this small gear provides enough friction to hinder fluent movement of the gun.

The rail is completely done, the scratched off paint is touched up, so at least this piece is finished. While writing this post, I notice I forgot to touch up the outside border, but that'll be a quick fix.

Next step : closing the turret, masking off the interior and 3 layers of AK "Worn effects". After that I can start the sand-yellow base coat and green/brown camouflage. I'll be attempting to airbrush this camo free-hand. Wish me luck!

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