Tuesday 11 February 2014

Panzerjäger - Further construction

A motor tool again comes in handy, as we need to drill holes in the rear buffers, to attach the lights. I'm looking for references to see if electrical conduits are neede for these. I'm trying to go a step further in detail finishing my models.

The front "blade" fits near perfectly, with very little persuasion.

The amount of detail is very nice. There's little to no flash, and if there is, it's easily removed. Go sparingly on the glue. Once again, I recommend Tamiya extra thin. You require very little of it and with the brush applicator provided in the lid, the glue goes only where you want it.

I sprayed the wheels with Natural Steel, then several shades of reddish brown - which I may have slightly overdone - except on the running surface. Then a layer of Dark Earth pigment to make it look more convincingly used.

The turret has a nice amount of fiddly bits. I really like fiddly bits. There's something soothing about attaching a lot of little pieces.

The gun is very nicely detailed. The entire turret will be removable, so some care needs to be taken to the inside looks. I'm trying to get my head wrapped around how far I can assemble before needing to paint. I'd also really like to keep the movable parts movable THIS time. (The gun is supposed to elevate)
Overall fit of all pieces so far is excellent, ejector marks are cleverly located in invisible places.

Here are the wheel wells and wheels, fully painted, weathered and assembled, ready to be placed inside the chassis. Invisible when the train is standing on the rails, but it will be nice when you pick it up for a look inside.

 22 wooden beams times 2 metal braces each to hold the rails equals a whole lot of masking fun.

The base is sprayed Dark Sea Green (my favourite "rock" colour).

My new soldering iron should arrive any day now. I'm anxious to get started on the photo-etch. Stay tuned!

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