Saturday, 20 July 2013

Camouflage, round 5

The final colour to be added is "Camouflage green" (Vallejo 71.022), not "Tank green" as I previously indicated. Not that it matters THAT much which colours you decide to use.

Because of the particular problems with the airbrush these few weeks, paint doesn't always come out when and how I want it. The result is - again - too thick a layer of paint. For a base coat this isn't a real issue, but with all the masks in place, too much paint results in ugly ridges along the masking line, be it tape or putty or Maskol.

Speaking of Maskol, which is the liquid masking product from Humbrol I've been testing on this model. It removes rather easily and in one piece, not lifting any paint and not leaving behind any residue.

Because it stretches easily, it does tend to pull from underneath the paint, rather than cut off the paint edge where I want it (like is the case with tape), but that's more related to the thickness of the paint than the Maskol itself. This problem should resolve itself once I learn to put down thinner layers of paint.

With al the masks removed, this is the result. It's not as nice as I'd hoped. The edges of the white and black are rather ragged instead of clean and straight. I haven't done the turret yet, I'll try to get that one nicer.
Still, give me some time and I'll clean it up by hand, I hope.

At this point, every article I've read about camouflage tells me to "blend in the colours" by overspraying the entire model with (a heavily thinned version of) the base colour, lightly misting the paint over everything.
I'll be honest, I doubt I can pull that off, so I'm not going to do that. Maybe some day ...

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