Saturday, 20 July 2013

Primer success

After my sudden revelation with the airbrush's airleak, I decided to push my luck and start priming the saucer of the Enterprise-C.

The airbrush behaved nicely and I only experienced a few moments of tip-dry every few minutes. I was able to prime the entire saucer's underside. 
Because this new-found problem and solution invalidates everything I tried in the past in regards to paint-consistency, I tried again with spraying primer straight from the bottle.

"Eureka" comes to mind! Straight from the bottle, it sprays a lot slower of course, but it doesn't run, it doesn't pool up (unless you hold the airbrush on the same spot for too long) and slowly but steadily, the entire saucer was covered in a first layer of primer. If you go back a few post, you see the black markings I made when making the latex mold. Those are nearly fully covered in the first go. 

I did have to refill the paintcup 4 or 5 times, but straight from the bottle, this is no problem at all.

The repaired section remains clearly visible of course, but I'm not going to try to hide it more. It's already better than I could have hoped for. Achieving a nearly-invisible fix is beyond my current skills.

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