Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Enterprise, nacelle progress

I started work on the nacelles, because they are easy to hold and the paintjob is straightforward.

I waited a day between sessions, just so the paint could thoroughly cure. It's not needed if you're applying layers over layers, but with the masking tape, I don't want to risk lifting paint.
  • White primer on saturday
  • Blue accents on sunday
  • Masking on monday
  • Light-grey base coat on tuesday

I masked the area around the blue accents, just to avoid getting the blue paint where it will be overcoated with grey later. It's easier to get the lightgrey right, if other colours aren't trying to bleed through.

For the blue I used 80% white and 20% Insignia Blue (Vallejo 71.091)
For the ever so slightly orange yellow parts, I mixed Flat Yellow (70.953) with a touch (of a toothpick) of Transparent Red (70.934). Why transparent? Because it's the only red I have that is not too brownish. As a modeller, you need to be able to work with what you got.

After 24 hours, I masked the blue accents with Tamiya tape. I spend about half an hour doing this, but I find it strangely relaxing and satisfying work. If only Tamiya would make masking tape of 7 mm (instead of 6, 10 or 18 mm), I could have finished in half the time.
The irregular shaped sides of the Bussard ramscoops (sue me for knowing what they're called) were masked with (pink) silly putty, because it's easier to maneuver around irregular places than masking tape.

A lightgrey coat is sprayed over the entire nacelles. I used 80% white and 20% lightgrey (Vallejo 71.050).

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