Thursday 27 December 2012


I had to do some brushpainting, for the first time in at least 10 years.
The Vallejo "model color" line is very thick from the bottle and requires thinning, but it's nice to work with and very forgiving. Brushpainting with the Vallejo "model air" is tricky, since the paint is too runny for the brush. Slow painting and multiple layers give a beautifully smooth result though, so no need to go buy the same color in both types.

The Jaguar needed some corrections on the camouflage and I painted the landing gear aluminium and the tires flat black.

The submarine required a touch-up alongside the diving planes and the antennae and periscope needed a touch of silver and gold. I had forgotten the specific problems of working with metallic paint, so the resulting paintjob is actually too thick. I should have started with a first layer (non-covering), wait until dry and add a second. The paint is visibly too thick, but I'm not gonna let that bother me.

Remaining work on both models : a clear gloss layer, then decals.

Camouflage touch-up and painted the landing gear.
Periscopes and antennae painted silver and gold.

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