Sunday 16 December 2012

The airbrush hates me

Because the previous two airbrushing sessions went fairly okay, I wanted to use my free time to :

  1. Finish painting the submarine
  2. Paint the wheels for the M60 and Puma with a circle template
  3. Prime the turret for the M60
  4. Prime the Puma
  5. Prime the display stand for the enterprise
Some higher power must have taken offense to my ambitious plan, because nothing went as I expected. It felt like my first session all over, even though I am now armed with a better knowledge of how it all should work.

The airbrush decided to hate me today. I must have killed it's parents in a previous life or something to deserve this kind of treatment. Anyway, no amount of thinning, cleaning the needle tip or even thorough cleaning of the entire thing would let me spray paint for more than 5 seconds. 
If I get the flow going, it sputters all over. If it finally flows nicely, I spray a test-line and it goes well. I then pick up a model, hold it under the light, pull the trigger and .. nothing. This is not a dry tip, the paint is thinned more than it should, so it must be ... a combination of things going wrong that I have yet to identify.

If you're sensing frustration, you'd be right. Time to take a step back, let it all soak (literally) a couple of days and start over as soon as I can find new motivation.

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