Sunday 30 December 2012

If at first you don't succeed ...

I had to force myself behind my desk today, because I was dreading to use the airbrush again.
I spent about 2 hours and it was a mixed success. A lot of dry-tip, but I'm getting the hang of cleaning it regularly now. I no longer disassemble the nozzle and nozzle cap for cleaning, just the needle cap. (Unless the entire thing is clogged, but that didn't happen today)

I still had a lot of priming to do, so I continued that. I'm starting to suspect that part of the problems I'm having are because of the primer. Because of its "priming" qualities, maybe the paint is heavier or something. The Revell airbrush does have a very small nozzle, so these 2 factors combined might cause half the problem. Or maybe I'm just looking for reasons to cover up my lack of skill.

I'm now spraying the primer straight from the bottle but at the highest pressure.

Anyway, the Enterprises display stand is primed in black with a beautiful layer of paint, without any splotches this time. The Puma is fully primed in lightgrey and so are the M60's remaining parts.

Display stand for the Enterprise-C.

The Puma, fully primed in lightgrey.

The M60's turret and commander's cupola.
A second pass will be needed to do the barrels and
minor touch-ups on the bottom of the grenade launchers.

Completely forgot to paint the drive sprockets.
I'm keeping these separate, to be assembled when installing the tracks.

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