Saturday 15 December 2012

Submarine nose job

I painted the fully masked nose of the submarine "Hull red", which is supposed to be a brownish red. It turned out more brown than red, but I can live with how it turned out. Authenticity isn't my primary goal in these first few models.
I assume the colour turned out darker than my test on paper because of the black undercoat.

While painting, I attempted to keep the layer of paint as thin as possible and spray at an angle, away from the tape's edge, to avoid paint going underneath. It still went on rather wet, but the result is better than the Jaguar.

I didn't wait too long, since someone told me it's best to remove the tape while the paint is still wet, which would avoid the flakiness as seen on the Jaguar. Because I had to leave the house to do some last-minute Christmas shopping, I ended up removing the tape after 3 hours, although I would have preferred to do it after only 1 hour.


The end result is quite nice. The Tamiya tape did not leave any (adhesive) residue and the edge is very clean.
I wasn't careful enough removing the last piece of tape : you can see a small grey chip on the last picture above, where I damaged the black basecoat. Since I still have to paint the diving planes, I'll try to touch that up without you ever noticing.

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