Sunday 12 May 2013

More masking

The Enterprise's display stand is coming along nicely. The gold and silver is done. It'll probably look even better with a coat of gloss varnish.

Underneath the black piece, airbrushing was impossible, so I had to brush by hand. This serves as a lesson learned to think about painting when doing the assembly.

Now the center part needs to be done in blue. The easiest masking material for this particular case is Play-Doh. It does not lift paint and is extremely malleable. It dries rock-hand, but does not stick to the model whatsover, so is very easy to remove. It can't be reused however - unlike silly putty - unless you do the paint-work and immediately remove the play-doh, before it dries out.
This is the first time I use it in this quantity, so let's hope the above statement about easy removal remains true.

Just one small problem: I don't have the necessary colour yet.

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