Wednesday 29 May 2013

Second camo colour

The second (and last) camouflage colour has been added. I'm happy with the result, although I know it could be better. I also (think I) know HOW to do it better.

What I did :
  1. Paint the base colour
  2. Mask everything that should not be green
  3. Paint green
  4. Remove masks
  5. Mask everything that should not be brown
  6. Paint brown
  7. Remove masks
Step 5 was the difficult part, because I had to mask nicely around the edges of the green areas. As you can see from the bottom picture, this was not very succesful, although the result is still looking good. I will touch up with a brush, if I can do it without it being too noticeable.

What I think I should have done :
  1. Paint the base colour
  2. Mask everything that is to remain in the base colour
  3. Paint brown
  4. Leave the mask in place
  5. Put additional masks where the colour is to remain brown
  6. Paint green
  7. Remove all masks
This way, there will be no space between the green and brown lines, as is now the case. You won't have to wait long to see this newfound knowledge in action, because I intend to apply this "technique" to the M60, which is probably the next model I'll (try to) finish.

Ready for the next colour
Painted chocolate brown
The result

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