Sunday 12 May 2013

Preparing the Puma for camo

I've given up on free-hand camouflage, at least with my current airbrush.

  • Without any masking, free-hand brushing just gives too much overspray. 
  • Masking like I did with the Jaguar gives very hard edges, which is not the effect I wanted. 
  • Spraying through a small rectangular mask, that I hold a few millimeters from the surface of the model, gave me the desired "soft" edge, but I can only do straight lines with it.
  • Free-hand camouflage? Buy a better airbrush.
  • For now : use the same technique as on the Jaguar and stop trying for soft-edge camouflage.
I'll start small, only with the turret, and spray very carefully, because the biggest problem on the Jaguar was that the paint was too thick.

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