Saturday, 20 October 2012

Airbrush, finally!

Yay, today I went to pickup my airbrush, which was finally in stock since yesterday. It's Revell's "Basic set with compressor".

It's not a true double-action, but close enough. Allow me to explain :

  • single-action : pressing down the trigger starts the airflow. Paint starts spraying immediately.
  • double-action : pressing down starts the airflow, pulling the trigger back  moves the needle and starts the paintflow.
  • this Revell airbrush has airflow as soon as you turn on the compressor. Pulling back the trigger starts the paintflow. (This basically makes it the exact opposite of a single-action)
Al this summarizes in : you have the same paint-control as a double-action airbrush, but you cannot stop the airflow. Since you can just turn off the compressor, this is not a real downside, since it has to cool down regularly anyway. (max 15 minutes continuous spraying is recommended in the manual)

I hope to start testing later today and will keep you posted.

Of course, while at the hobby-store, I couldn't resist picking up two new kits, which just happened to be on my wishlist. 

Italeri's 1:48 Sd.Kfz 234/2 Puma
("Sonderkraftfahrzeug" = "Special Purpose Vehicle")

HobbyBoss' 1:350 Borei-class submarine

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