Sunday, 7 October 2012

Airbrush info

Looking into airbrushing, but you do not know where to start?
That was the position I found myself in some time ago. I surfed Youtube and Googled away to find info, info and more info, but you often find contradictory info or tips from pros that should not be followed by beginners.

Before you purchase a relatively expensive tool, you will want to know about :

  • Single or double action?
  • Bottom or gravity feed?
  • Internal or external mix?
  • Which air supply?
  • Which paint? How to thin paint?
  • How to clean and maintain it?
  • ...

The video below covers ALL of these topics and more in a very comprehensive seminar. It's an hour and a half, but well worth it. (Make sure to watch some of the other videos posted by the same owner)

If the player isn't working : this is the link.

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