Monday, 29 October 2012

I can see clearly now

I was away all weekend, but did manage to find myself a lamp for my modelling and painting desk. My workplace is now in the attic, so lighting is low and badly angled.

I bought a Lightcraft "Flexible round magnifier lamp" (LC8066) with magnifying glass, so besides illuminating my workplace, it reduces the stress on my eyes when focussing on a very small detail, whether during construction or painting.

Tried to do some more airbrush practice:

  • Black primer on top of a previously botched white-primer-tryout went on rather nicely.
  • Grey primer on a first test model (the jaguar) is spotty and ugly. 
Not sure if the black primer handles easier than the white and the grey, or if the first layer will always look bad and I have to be patient until the second layer.

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