Sunday, 14 October 2012

Masking tape

In my last post, I suggested assembly before painting to have the strongest possible bond for the glue.

When painting in sub-assemblies, masking the areas that will be glued is also a good idea. This prevents the need for scraping off paint later, especially in places that are difficult to reach or just very small.

Where sub-assemblies are put together, the kit builders usually do a very good job of providing a big surface for glue and some kind of pin/hole mechanism. (like the various connections on the Enterprise)

Other kits may have parts that obscure certain locations, making them difficult to reach. Wheels on a tank would be my example : if you glue on the wheels, it is difficult to paint behind them, but if you leave them off, their axle-pins will be unavoidably painted. Since wheels are rather delicately connected to the model, you want the glue to have every change to make it strong.

Putting masking tape on tiny pins is fussy, so in this case I use liquid latex. See my earlier post about this topic : "Masking with Latex".

In these pictures, I masked off the parts of the saucer and drive section that will be connected. While the pieces fit together snuggly, as a rule, I always make sure the glue has the best chance of creating the strongest possible bond.

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