Thursday, 30 May 2013

Attack a Submarine with sanding paper.

The submarine is finished, but before I can start placing the decals, I need to (try to) repair a few spots where painting or varnishing went wrong.

The top of the sub has a pebbled surface, where the gloss varnish went on too thick. I scrubbed this down with fine-grain sanding paper. It's still easily noticeable, but hopefully wil be better after another layer of gloss.

The right side, under the tower, had some runners. I can't remember if it's paint or varnish. I sanded a little too deep and the bare plastic peeped through. Some paint will be required.

You may remember a big blob of varnish that had pooled up at the bottom of the nose. I sanded it away as far as I dared before I would start removing the brown paint.

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