Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Rusty tracks

Unless you want to model a tank fresh from the factory, it's not gonna be shiny and clean. Depending on how old the tank is, its gonna be rusted and slightly banged up, as you can see from the picture below I took when visiting the military base in Brasschaat.

The first thing I want to experiment with is adding rust to the tracks. I mixed up some base rust color with equal parts glaze medium and spray that on the tracks.

(I have yet to determine what's the difference between glaze and gloss, but I happened to have it lying around)

The M60's tracks are plastic parts. I covered the middle with an index card and gave it a quick spray on both sides of the tracks.

The M1 Abrams' track is flexible. I taped off the inside, where the rubber padds wil remain black and did a very faint pass with the same rust mixture.

The tape stays in place because the middle is yet to be dry-brushed with a steel colour.

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