Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Too much wash?

After successfully applying the dust wash to the rubber tracks, I wanted to try and give a slightly sandy/dusty look to the entire model.

I started on one of the vertical sides, but the fluid just falls to the bottom and pools up or falls off. To counter this, I tipped the tank on it's side, then re-applied the wash to the (now horizontal) side.

I may have overdone it and after the thinner had dried, it left circular stains, not exacty representing the look I wanted. So, I added a second layer, after tilting the model 45 degrees, and worked out the stains by repeatedly brushing accross them. The thinner in the solution picked up part of the stains, so it looked promising.

The result after 12 hours is "slightly" overdone and far from the subtle dust-effect I was aiming for.

Because I was told you can remove the wash up to 24 hours after applying it, as soon as I came home, I loaded a paintbrush with a small amount of White spirit and started (gently) rubbing.
I'm happy to say all the pigments dissolved again and were easily wiped off with a cloth. The clear coat of varnish has protected the underlying paint, so no damage is done. (Hence the importance of protecting your paint-job)

It's now 24 hours later and there's no layer of dust, but at least we've learned something, fixed a mistake and can start over.

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