Saturday, 25 May 2013

M1A1 Abrams is finished (for now)

I consider this one finished, except for further weathering. I tried a sand-coloured dust-wash but the first try was too subtle and the second too heavy. I tried streaking grime on one panel, but was heavily overdone and I removed it again. 
I'm putting it aside and continue on other models, until I want to experiment more with weathering.

Price : € 29.95
Number of parts : 300
Time spent : 23.5 hours
Project completion time : 4 months

Paint : (unless otherwise noted, all are Vallejo)
  • Black primer
  • Sand yellow
  • Matt black (wheels)
  • Olive drab (Stowage details)
  • Steel (guns and track details)
  • Transparent red (tail lights)
  • Silver (head lights)
  • Gold (monitor screen)
  • 50/50 mix of Dark green and Sand yellow (smoke grenade launchers)
Other :
  • Alclad II Semi-matt clear
  • Tamiya Panel line accent color (dark brown)
  • AK interactive Africa dust effects (tracks and wheels)
  • Vallejo black wash (grilles)

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