Sunday 18 November 2012

2nd layer of primer

Added a second layer of white primer on the Puma. Thinned 1:1, it does not seem to be too runny, but we'll verify that tomorrow. Painted for about 2 minutes and did NOT have to clean the tip. Looks like the white primer will be easier to handle than the grey. Weird ...

It's still not covering 100%, but I wasn't expecting it to. I will add a 3rd and final layer later, then start handpainting the steering wheel and seat cushions, then have a go at weathering the floor with a very thin black wash to make it appear dirty.

But first : a visit to the hobby shop for more paint. Some colours will probably last a lifetime, but when painting your first model, all you seem to do is buy more different colours.
My old paint collection has mostly dried out after 10+ years in the cupboard. It's Humbrol enamel anyway, which I no longer wish to use. Below an impression of the colours I collected over the years. I'm sure, my Vallejo acrylic collection will resemble this very soon.

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