Thursday 15 November 2012

Submarine - priming finished

The submarine is now completely primed in black. Since the primer covers nicely, I don't think I'll need to add anymore paint to it, except a layer of gloss before I apply the decals.
The paint covers nicely, without obscuring any details. There are a few places where a nitpicky modeller would start over, but for my first model, I'm not going to bother to reach perfection.

It's still trial and error on the airbrush: sometimes it flows nicely, sometimes it sputters, sometimes nothing comes out at all. With the black paint, it's easy to see what you're doing and what's happening (or not). This will be a lot harder if I'm spraying - for instance - gloss clear, since it'll be difficult to see on the model if you're actually delivering something to the surface or if nothing's happening.
More practice will make this easier, I suppose.

(I may need a stronger desklamp to better see which part becomes wet, indicating at least something has reached the model)

I did another try with the white primer as well. I assumed it would be as bad as the grey, so I thinned it 1:2 (1 part paint, 2 parts thinner) which actually turned out to be too much. It sprayed really nicely, but you can see - in the photo below - that the paint has run down from the vertical surfaces, pooling up in the corners, indicating it was thinned TOO heavily. Not to worry, it was the first layer and it's on the inside of the Puma, so no real harm done. I'll try the second layer with less thinner and see how it goes.

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