Tuesday 20 November 2012

No steady hands

Time for some brushpainting. I haven't done this in over 10 years and my hands aren't really steady for doing the tiny details. Nonetheless, I painted the details on the inside of the Puma (just the seats, steering wheels and some kind of grille on the dashboard), so I can close it up soon and continue building on the outside.
(I must remember to try some weathering on the floor, before actually closing it up)

I painted with the Vallejo air black, which is a little too runny for brushpainting, but for inside details it's good enough. It's clear though, I will need two versions of several paints (black and white for starters) because the "model air" version has better ground pigments for airbrushing, but is too runny for handbrushing, requiring the normal "model color" for the small details or touchups.

It's still necessary to thin the normal paint, because it's very thick straight from the bottle. All this means is you'll be getting more paint for your money in the 17ml bottles. :-)

I picked up the above painter's palette at Dille & Kamille. Not sure if it's meant for painting, or serving snacks, but it's very handy, easily washable and cheap. It's easier than a flat wooden palette (suitable for thick oil paints) because the recesses are better for very fluid paint.

All the submarine parts are dry, so I assembled the propellor cap and attached the entire housing to the back of the model. I think the photo-etch propellor looks really nice.

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