Saturday 10 November 2012

Project number ... I've lost track

I just can't help myself. I feel the need for modelling, but another airbrushing session requires a state of mind I can't bring myself to just yet (until it starts going better, I really need to mentally prepare myself before I start, just in case there's more bubble, bubbles, BUBBLES!)

Next up is an Italeri kit : "Sd.Kfz 234/2 Puma 1:48". Germans really love their abbreviations. This one stands for "Sonderkraftfahrzeug", which could be translated as "Special purpose vehicle". It's basically a tank with 8 wheels instead of tracks.

There's 4 sprues with 130 parts in total. Detail is nice, the fit so far is excellent. A 10-page booklet provides 13 steps for construction and 3 paint schemes. It's in black and white, but - luckily - the back of the box provides colored paintschemes as well.

As usual, I start with a washing in warm water with some detergent, then let airdry. I've started construction of the inside and the wheels, just to keep myself busy. The wheel halves only fit one way (there's a big and a smaller pin), make sure to take notice of this before applying glue.
Step 2 calls for the two hull halves to be glued together, but I'm gonna skip this until I've painted the inside. The turret is removable, so a little attention to the inside is required.

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