Saturday 3 November 2012

FineScale Modeler

Upon opening my mailbox this morning, I've now become an official FSM-subscriber. "FSM" is "FineScale Modeler", a modelling magazine I've come to really like. The website can be found at

The magazine is filled with :

  • tips and tricks for the beginner or advanced modeler
  • general construction guidelines
  • newly released kits (several are reviewed in detail each time)
  • pictures submitted by the subscribers  (in case you have a model you're particularly proud of)
  • airbrushing tips
  • weathering techniques
  • how to build a diorama
  • ...
Every monthly edition (10 per year) contains the above and more. I particularly like the fact that there are many step-by-step pictures, not just the one picture of the end-result.

If you want a sneak preview - to see pictures or how the articles are written - several articles are freely available in pdf on their site. (Or contact me, if you can't find them)

(I'm sure there are other magazines out there, equally interesting, but this is my personal favourite.)

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