Monday 12 August 2013

Ford Shelby - A few details

I emphasized the underside details with Vallejo Aluminium (71.062). The Model Air version is actually too thin for brushpainting (I would need the bottle from the Model Colour range), but it's a little ridiculous to have 2 bottles of the same colour in 2 different viscosities, especially since it's only a detail colour that will probably last years.
It is too runny, so the paint tends to flow open even were I don't want it to, but as soon as it was dry enough (less than 1 hour), I went over it again with black to touch up little spots.

I initially painted the seats with Model Air white (also too runny), which would give no coverage at all, so I kinda overdid it. I tend to get impatient and then I do stupid things. You can still see it, particularly on the backseats. I have since ordered the Model Colour white, which is not as thin, to add more (and thinner) layers.
I made an exception to my above statement about different bottles for the same colour, since I'm always using white to lighten paint anyway (the Enterprise base colour and highlights all require 80% or 90% white).

I have to retract my statement from the previous post, about not finding reference photo's that match the model, because I found the perfect match. I haven't found any white Super Snakes yet, but the leather seats seem to match the outside colour, so white stripes it is.

I printed the reference photo to scale and cut off 2 pieces for the dashboard. The picture does not do it justice. I swear it looks 10 times better in reality. When the model is finished, you will only see it sideways, but it's much better than a flat black surface.

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