Friday 2 August 2013

Ford Shelby - priming

I primed the red plastic with Vallejo white primer, which went decent. 
When dry, I added a first layer of 50% white, 50% gloss varnish. Thinned a little to promote a better paintflow, it still wouldn't spray very well, resulting in a not-so-smooth paintjob. You'll just have to forgive me.

I'm thinking of giving up on the Vallejo varnish, as it is only giving me trouble. Maybe it's coincidence, but I always have airbrush-problems as soon as I try this gloss varnish.
I'll try the next layer with Tamiya gloss, although I've heard it has an insane drying time. We'll see.

The inside was primed black, to hide all the red plastic, but there's a lot of overspray from doing the outside. Most of it will be hidden by the interior parts, so only a few spots will need to be handbrushed black.

The inside and underside are primed in black. They actually look better painted black than just the bare black plastic. I left a few parts unpainted, namely those that are carbon on the real model as well. We'll just see which parts look better, painted or not.

I like black leather seats and dark interiors, so I'm not going to do too much inside, except maybe for the dashboard.

The chrome wheels look nice. The tires fit excellent and require no glue. As a detail, I painted the break calipers red, as on the real car.

Warning : remember which wheel goes where! The rear wheels are slightly bigger and there's a difference in the left and right break disc and tire threads, so make sure you don't switch them around.

The dashboard was left unprimed, because I misplaced it, but I've got it back in the meantime. I don't know which model Shelby this is supposed to be, because the dashboard matches none of my reference photos. I'll be trying to add a very small picture of the navigation screen, to liven it up a little.

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