Saturday 17 August 2013

Starfury - Which sheet shall I take?

The Enterprise and the Mustang are slowly getting there. The M60 is somehow not managing to draw my attention, even though it only needs some final black and white camo spots.  Progress is slow as I can't spend as much time at the workbench as I'd like, but slow progress is progress nonetheless.

Tonight, I felt like some simple and straightforward construction. I admit it, I like the smell of glue. The Starfury caught my eye and it's about time we do something about this one.

The fit for the inner wings isn't perfect, but this model was never gonna be my masterpiece. It's a shame to let it sit unfinished, so instead of worrying about seamlines that are neigh unreachable or other imperfections, I'm just gonna finish it up as is.

Time to show off my new set of clamps :

And now for the hardest part : which decal scheme will I choose? There are 6 options! I already decided NOT to go for Sheridan's tiger. I'm currently leaning toward the Delta 7 (the green one).

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