Thursday 8 August 2013

Sprue Cutters Union #3: Playing Favorites

Our third assignment, and not an easy one : "What is your favourite model?"

This was actually a very tough one to crack. I pondered on it a few days, looked at the list of all my models and I've come to a decision : it's impossible for me to pick a favourite. 

It's like asking someone "Who's your favourite child?".
I only have one, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to answer that one either.

I consider my collection rather modest, compared to some I've seen around the net. Then again, I'm only 35. Unless my hands or eyesight fail me too soon, I have at least 30-40 years left to expand my skills and collection.
I have 45 models that I call my "old models", all finished between 10 and 20 years ago. 
Since coming back to this hobby 1 year ago, I've finished 4, have 3 or 4 works-in-progress and a very modest stash of only 3 kits. Progress is sometimes a bit slow, because I'm trying to figure out a new tool or technique, waiting for a particular paint or product I ordered in the hobby shop or just not finding enough time to sit behind the workbench.

I have a few (older) models that I'm not so proud of. Shabby paintjob, rushed construction, silvered decals, ... but among the rest I cannot choose a favourite between any 2 given models.

Ask me this question again in a few years. Maybe I'll be able to point to a model without needing to think, considering it my proudest achievement. 
For now, all I can say is that all my models have provided my with many hours of joy. There was often also frustration, but it's all part of the hobby.

If I were to give you a top 3, I would list the following, in no particular order, all tied in first place :

F-117A Nighthawk
My very first model and what got me hooked for many years.

I have since learned not to follow the instruction booklet blindly, but think about the best assembly order and consider what and what not to paint before putting everything together.
The Millenium Falcon
My biggest Star Wars model, with exposable interior 
The Enterprise, NCC-1701-D
My very first Star trek model with a brushpainted aztec-pattern on which I spend many, many hours.

I guess this model mostly tought me patience.
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  1. Man, that Millenium Falcon is amazing! Great work and another great post!

    1. Thanks, Jon!
      To think what I would be able to do with it now, 15 years later. If only I could find the time to do everything I still want to try and redo ...