Saturday 10 August 2013

Product experiment - Microscale Kristal Klear

I haven't done much, modelling-wise, the last 10 days. I was waiting for new paint for the Mustang. 
I added a new product to my order : Microscale's Kristal Klear. From the same company that makes MicroSol and MicroSet for treating decals, this product is used to create lenses and (small) windows.

Basically it's a kind of glue that dries completely colourless and transparent. It can be used to glue clear parts (e.g. canopy, lenses, ...) as it dries clear and doesn't fog the clear part like super glue ("CA glue") does. I've read you need to apply constant pressure, though, or it doesn't really stick. Just a matter of keeping some clamps nearby.

On the picture below, a fresh wet puddle, which is still white and a dry patch beside it. When completely dry, it feels rubbery. I could peel it off the metal dish and it has the same feel as dried Latex, except for being completely transparent.

When applied to a small opening - windows on a model airliner for instance - it can be used to "bridge the gap". I made an impromptu window with some left-over sprue below. Once dry, it's as transparent as a glass window. Well, maybe not perfectly like glass, and I also got an airbubble trapped inside the window, but practice makes perfect.

Besides creating windows from openings, it can also be used to make lenses or whatever you want to have transparent. For the Ford Shelby's side mirrors, I placed a tiny piece of aluminum foil inside the part and covered it (liberally) with the Kristal Klear. Once dry, it was completely transparent again.

(In the future, I will be more careful to get the foil straight and flat, because now it looks rather ugly.)

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